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industrial and infrastructure Facilities


Northern Boulevard

Northern Blvd.jpg

The Northern Boulevard project involved the full demolition and extensive abatement of a 400,000 SF structure. The building was constructed of load bearing masonry walls, concrete on metal deck slabs supported on steel open web joists, steel girders, and columns.


In addition to structural demolition and abatement, Titan also performed asbestos soil remediation and removed fuel tanks throughout the 3 acre site.


Bronx Logistics center

The Bronx Logistics Center included asbestos abatement to both warehouse buildings (over 25,000SF of asbestos materials were removed). On completion of the abatement, the two warehouses were demolished (approximate footprint of 90,000SF).  As the buildings were located within the vicinity of Amtrak infrastructure, approval of the demolition methodology was required and obtained from Amtrak. The work was completed to the satisfaction of both the client and the governing authorities. 

Crushing of all masonry and concrete materials from the building was performed on site.  Additional civil work included the removal and crushing of site pavements and removal of vegetation.

Bronx Logistics Centre2.jpg


coca cola plant

CocaCola Plant.jpg

The demolition and abatement of a 1.2 million square foot former industrial bottling center, included both the interior and structural demolition of the building. 

The work included the removal of generators, storage tanks, and syrup containment facilities. All footings and substructure elements were demolished and crushed onsite. 

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