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Safety Program

At Titan, safety comes first. Every time.

It is our most important business practice and we demand visible leadership at every stage of a project and from everyone involved.

Our Safety Program is dedicated to empowering our people to stop and think about what they are doing, even if they have completed a task hundreds of times before. Simply put, we speak up and learn from each other – constantly.

Our Safety Program is supported by an experienced and qualified team of Health & Safety professionals.

  • Our superintendents and workers have received OSHA training, corporate safety standards, and first-aid training.

  • Our Safety Manager and Project Executives perform regular, comprehensive, safety inspections to ensure every project meets client requirements, governing standards, and our safety program.

Our Safety Program means:

  • Our people go home safe. Every day.

  • Each of us take responsibility for our own safety as well as the people we work around.

  • We speak up when we observe unsafe conditions.

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